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Energy Efficient Warehouse and Factory Lighting

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Energy Efficient Warehouse and Factory Lighting

Solar power is gradually crawling into our lives occasionally even ignored by most people. A lot of bill boards and LED road signs are now solar powered. A lot of the electronic traffic safety signs and are often powered this way.

Small appliances like torches (flash lights) key chain lights garden lighting, pond pumps and other portable appliances are getting cheaper to produce and purchase these days. Transportable traffic lights are commonly used at remote road work sites. Overhead street lighting is also being converted to solar in our back areas. With this type energy efficient Warehouse Lighting installations especially in places where it is too expensive to connect to the ordinary electrical grid solar power is needed. All they need is to be placed in an open space and let the sun re-energize them.

There are also many other larger systems, like whole house grid interactive components where your house is generating its own electricity during the day and exporting any extra power back into the electricity grid.

Many businesses have installed energy efficient warehouse lighting installations to reduce their power usage and utility expenses.

Small alternative Appliances are more common place these days even a lot of novelty toys and other appliances like cellphones and iPods and laptop computers can now be recharged from sunshine. Small toys like cars and imitation bugs of all descriptions can be solar powered. Lanterns can be purchased for camping and require no fuel other than to place them in the sun during the day light hours.

Wireless computer keyboards and mice that charge from ordinary fluorescence lights using high density solar cells no longer require batteries to be changed. Such things as solar powered radios can keep you in touch with the world when you are away on holidays or just lazing in the backyard. Solar powered watches and calculators are also becoming popular items.

Security lighting powered by the sun is now the norm and can be installed almost anywhere without the hassle of finding a reliable power source. Solar lights for patios and garden sheds are also becoming popular as there is no need for electricians or expensive wiring. LED feature lighting for outdoor garden features such as waterfalls or ornamental shrubs can now be quickly and easily installed without disturbing the environment.

Bug zappers powered by the sun are also available at solar retail outlets and a very use full at keeping down mosquito and other night time insect populations. Small ventilator fans are available for cars and larger ones for houses; they only use the sunshine as a power source so they can operate during the hottest part of the day keeping living spaces cooler without using any extra power. It just takes a small bit of imagination and some smart electrical engineering and almost all small appliances can be run from solar power.

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