LED Linear Light with Trunking System


What is LED Linear Trunking System?

LED Linear Trunking System is composed of LED linear Light and Linear Trunking System. They are separate parts, but available to combine together. When they are combined, it is called LED Linear Trunking System.

What is the difference between LED Linear Trunking System and Triproof Light?

Although LED linear trunking system has the same application as triproof light, they are totally different lamp system. The application of LED linear trunking system is much wider than triproof light just because of its trunking rail.

How to lock the luminary and the trunking rail?

The two lateral lever locks in the luminary are for locking the luminary and trunking rail. It is fixed and easy.

What about the gap between luminaries of Linear Trunking System?

We can guarantee the gap less than 1mm.

Is it possible to get testing report or IES file?

Yes, our lamp has complete testing report and IES files. You can contact our sales to get them.

Is it possible to do light design?

Yes, we have the colleague who can do light design based on your project.

What is the warranty terms?

Our Standard Version is 5 years warranty and our premium version is 6 years.